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Beauty recipes with Vivasan essential oils from Elmira ©

For firmer skin

This mix is good for legs and buttocks to make them firmer, simply fill your bathtub with worm water 37-38C Then take a tablespoon of sea salt or milk, put 4 drops of Vivasan orange oil and 4 drops of Vivasan lemon oil into the salt/milk. Put the mixture in the tub. Mix the water around. Now you can get into the tub, relax and enjoy the fragrance while making your skin firmer.

You can also add 2 drops of Rosemary oil to this mixture.

Note: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients

The first time you take this bath limit your sitting time to 5 minutes, after that you can sit no longer than 15 minutes. Do not exceed the dosage of oil or you will get skin burns. Light burning sensation ...

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Sanotint Light - PPD and Ammonia free hair color

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A short interview with a Vivasan distributor about Sanotint Light – a natural permanent PPD free hair dye.


What is PPD?


p-Phenylenediamine(PPD) is an organic compound with the formula C6H4(NH2)2. It is mainly used as a component of engineering polymers and composites. It is widely used as a permanent hair dye. This substance often causes skin irritation, forcing many women to give up coloring their hair.


Why is it used in hair colors?


The use of PPD as a hair dye is popular because it is a permanent dye that gives your hair a natural look.


Does it mean that PPD free hair colors do not give a natural look?


No, it does not. It is more of a challenge though to manufacture a permanent hair dye that would not contain PPD and at the same time give your hair a natural look ...

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About Sanotint

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